Eco-Friendly Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant, AHB5000/AHB4000/AHB3000/AHB2000

 Eco-Friendly Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant, AHB Series

Environmental protection, saving energy, reuse of resource.
Control the dust emissions: 20mg/Nm
Control noise:
The noise in the control cabin is less than 60dB.
The noise around mixing station is less than 75dB.
To eliminate the asphalt smoke:
Perform the environmental protection standards GB16297-1996 and national air pollutant emission standard
GB3095-1996 and air quality standard
Reuse of old asphalt:
Add old asphalt to the new materials up to 60%. Fan with variable frequency control, without wind door, saving energy and reducing noise.
Adopt screw air compressor to ensure cleaning around the working environment of air compressor and effectively eliminate the noise, as well we can provide construction plan for air compressor room.

Cold materials hopper layout can be on the ground, half-on the ground and under ground. Adopt the independent bag filter, every hopper adopts the independent controllable negative pressure dust collector. Flat belt conveyor and inclined belt conveyor adopt the independent package, and the negative pressure dust collector is equipped on the corner.

The negative pressure dust collecting path is equipped around the mixing pot and discharging position of finished products, so as to control dust and asphalt emission.

Adopt the plasma purifier for effective removal of the asphalt smoke.
Project No. Closed way Content Result
Project 1. Full closed mode Include asphalt mixing plant and materials station The overall effect is good, high cost.
Project 2. Independent framework closed model Only close nine units of asphalt mixing plant. Solve the sealing problem of asphalt mixing plant, high cost.
Project 3. According to the processing point, point-to-point take measures According to emission point, noise point or flue gas emission, point-to-point take measures. Good effect, closed parts can be selected as the requirement of customer, reasonable cost, easy to operate.
Technical parameter of AHB series of environmental protection type of asphalt mixing plant
Name of item Technical parameter
Model of machine AHB2000 AHB3000 AHB4000 AHB5000
Production capacity (in the rated conditions )
Cold aggregate (quantity×volume) 5×8m3 5×14m3 6×15m3
Way of dust collecting Pulse bag dust collecting.
Dust collecting effect ≤20mg/Nm3 ringelman emmitance first grade
Noise control ≤60db in the control cabin, ≤75db in the asphalt mixing plant
Eliminate the asphalt smoke Meet the GB16297-1996 National air pollution emission standard; Meet GB3095-1996 Environmental air quality standard.
Fuel type Diesel/ heavy oil/ gas
Total volume of hot screening bin/ quantity 25m3×5 36m3×5 60m3×6
The precision of aggregate measurement <±1.0% <±1.0% <±0.5% <±0.5%
The precision of powder measurement <±1.0% <±1.0% <±1.0% <±1.0%
The precision of asphalt measurement <±0.5% <±0.5% <±0.5% <±0.5%
Mixing capacity (kg/batch) 2000kg 3000kg 4000kg 5000kg
Asphalt tank (quantity×volume) 2×50m3 3×50m3 4×50m3 4×50m3
Finished products silo 27m3 50m3 50m3 50m3
Total power(kw) 470kw 630kw 840kw 920kw
Control system Automatic control under PC/PLS.
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