Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant, A5000/A4000

Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant, A5000/A4000

The asphalt concrete mixing machine uses a combination of modular design, easy to transport and relocation, providing direct discharge of finished material, finished material storage under the machine, paralleling to the rail car finished material storage and other three models for customers to choose.

Whole equipment is reliable, energy saving, compact layout, appearance, control, electrical, drive, burning, pneumatic, metering, transportation and other famous branded hardware options to ensure equipment reliability and achieve high performance. PLC automatic control system used in Germany SIEMENS products, Schneider Electric drag devices, high degree of automation, stable performance, operation is simple and safe, easy to maintain.

Strictly ensure graded precision, asphalt aggregate ratio accuracy and precision of temperature control. Dual scales measuring aggregate, powder scales with gas control valve discharge, asphalt scales with gas control valve discharge insulation, asphalt gravity into the mixing bowl.

Powder is stored in large capacity storage bin. The combination of chain bucket elevators, screw feeders and butterfly valve guarantee stable conveying of mineral powder and recycle powder. Gravity and pulse line blowing combined dust bag collects coarse and fine emissions to meet stringent environmental requirements. Fan with variable frequency control eliminates the need for window door, saving energy and cost.

Cold material supply uses six single- hopper to union hopper, adopt hard surface motor and reducer to drive, feeding is controlled by variable frequency , skirts belts poly material, feed off the alarm sound and light control. Roller bracket is freely adjustable.

Using the German SIEMENS PLC and built by mechanical engineering control system automatically controls the production of asphalt.

Drying cylinder with friction drive, whose cylinder wall is made from 20G materials, ensures sufficient heat exchange. The chassis is fixed. Support roller is easy to adjust.

Mixing machine adopts double-axis and four leaves so as to ensure the mixing equation and wrap better; adopt hard surface motor and reducer to ensure the stronger power.

CNC frequency heavy oil burners, reliable, usable fuel oil broad, low energy efficiency, noise.

Screw air compressors provide a stable gas supply protection.

The centralized layout of asphalt heating unit and fuel supply storage unit, high-quality brand pumps and valves achieve no leakage for HTF and hot asphalt.

Shaker using German technology, six-component screening, plus the eccentric shaft eccentric mode provides exciting force, lubricating oil, motor base elastic module release stress

Technical specification:
Model A4000 A5000
Production rate (standard condition) 320t/h 400t/h
The hopper of the cold material 6×15m3 6×15m3
The specification of the drying cylinder Φ2750×11000 Φ2850×11500
Production rate of drying cylinder 340t/h 420t/h
The a rea for dust bag 1200m2 1400m2
The wind volume 108,000m3/h 126,000m3/h
Lifting capacity of the hot aggregate 340t/h 420t/h
Screening capacity of shaker 340t/h 420t/h
Screening area 52.3m2 56.7m2
The construction of shaker 5layers/ 5section 5layers/ 5section
Thermal screening silo 60m3 60m3
The Aggregate scales 2×3000kg 2×4000kg
The powder scales 480kg 600kg
The asphalt scales 400kg 500kg
The mixing tank 4000kg 5000kg
The mixing cycle 45s 45s
Powder supply(new+ reclaim) 80m3+60m3 80m3+60m3
Asphalt supply capacity/ tank quantity 50t/4 50t/4
The oil furnace 1,000,000kcal/h 1,000,000kcal/h
Material storage bin 50m3 50m3
Total power(for fuel) 710kw 790kw
Total power(for coal) 796kw 870kw
Dimension of the machine(L×W×H) 56m×38m×31m 56m×38m×31m
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