Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant, A2000/AJ2000

Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant, A2000/AJ2000

Cold material feeding unit adopts the single hopper integrated mode, adopt flat belt conveyor, adopt K type hard tooth face motor and reducer to drive.

Adopt high-precision temperature controller, high stability burner, high efficiency heat exchange drying drum, with a narrow type solid cylinder chassis.

Adopt pulse-line bag dust collector.

Adopt "Siemens" PLC from Germany, "Schneider" electrical parts from France, "TEDEA" gravity sensor from Britain.

Adopt 5-layer vibration sieve from German technology, mesh from"Shield" brand in Shanghai.

Vibrating sieve adopt "double eccentric shaft + the eccentric block" to drive, eccentric shaft adopt oil bath lubrication, in the motor is installed with elastic module.

In the aggregate scales there is proofread platform, asphalt scales adopt pneumatic control, double insulation butterfly valve and flow discharge asphalt.

Mixing bowl adopt German technology hard surface motor and reducer.

Feeding powder adopt screw conveyor "WAM" or "SICOMA".

In the hot screening storage is equipped with window for getting sample.

Optional recycling powder humidifier

Alarm device in lacking of materials for cold aggregate.

Roller frame with double installing window

Alarm lamp in lacking of materials for cold aggregate.

Technical specification:
Model A2000
Production rate (standard condition) 160t/ h
The hopper of the cold material 5×10m3
The specification of the drying cylinder Φ1880×9600
Production rate of drying cylinder 180t/h
The a rea for dust bag 576m2
The wind volume 51,840m3 /h
Lifting capacity of the hot aggregate 180t/h
Screening capacity of shaker 180t/h
Screening area 26.5m2
The construction of shaker 4layers/ 5section
Thermal screening silo 25m3
The Aggregate scales 2000kg
The powder scales 240kg
The asphalt scales 200kg
The mixing tank 2000kg
The mixing cycle 45s
Powder supply(new+ reclaim) 40m3 +40m3
Asphalt supply capacity/ tank quantity 50t/2
The oil furnace 500,000kcal/h
Material storage bin 27m3
Total power(for fuel) 465kw
Total power(for coal) 525kw
Dimension of the machine(L×W×H) 55m ×35m ×25m
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