Regenerated Asphalt Mixing Plant, R Series

Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant, A2000/AJ2000

We are absorb fully from Europe asphalt machinery technology and combined with experience for decades, we are development R Series devices which is not only reliable and stable, but also supporting flexible manner, and available on the market for being used in each type asphalt mixing station and supporting the use of combination for 1000 -5000 type, the asphalt proportion of old material add up to 60 percent.

R series of Regenerated asphalt mixing plant can be combination with various types of asphalt station for production.
Old asphalt heating cylinder
Measurement scales
Induced drag fan
Add regenerated catalyst
Conveying the heated old material
Old material mix with the original raw material
On-line Control
Old material bucket chain
Old material metered
Storage and meter the regenerated catalyst
Belt conveyor for charging the old materials

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