QLB-Y Series Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plan

Concrete Mixer

QLB-Y series mobile type asphalt mixing plant
QLB-Y1000, QLB-Y1500, QLB-Y2000
Product introduction
Main features:
1. Convenient transition
The whole equipment assembled on a semi trailer, compact structure, only 7 units, easy transition。

2. Quick installation
5-7 days after the device can be put into production, 2 days can be completely evacuated from the scene。

Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer

Product parameters:

Model QLB-Y1000 QLB-Y1500 QLB-Y2000
Production capacity (in rated condition) 60-80t/h 90-120t/h 120-160t/h
Volume/ quantity of cold aggregate 4x8m3 4x10m3 4x10m3
Type of dust collect Air auti-blow and bag dust collect
Dust collect efficiency ≤30mg/Nm3, Ringelmann scale level 1
Fuel type Diesel oil/ heavy oil/ gas
Volume of hot aggregate bin/quantity 20t/4 25t/4
Volume of powder/quantity 20m3/1 30m3/1
Measuring accuracy of hot aggregate <±1.5% <±1.0%
Measuring accuracy of powder <±1.5% <±1.0%
Measuring accuracy of asphalt <±0.5%
Mixing capacity/batch 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg
Volume of asphalt tank 20m3/1 30m3/1 30m3/1
Conduction oil boiler YYW-350Y YYW-305Y YYW-600Y
Mobile unit quantity 7 7 7
Total power 200кВт 310кВт 356кВт
Control system Full computer control (PLC+ LED+ mouse operate)
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