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Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

JIANKE stabilized soil mixing plant is made up of a complete range of equipment used for continuously mixing many kinds of subgrade materials in different proportions. It is commonly seen on road construction sites for use in stabilization of soil beneath the ordinary road, highway, urban road, playground, airport runway, and the dock.

Standard batching plant is made up of the aggregate batcher, raw material belt conveyor, mixer, water supply system, finished material belt conveyor, finished material storage bin, powder storage and weighing system, control room, and the electrical control system.

WCQ300: 300T/h
WCQ300A: 300T/h
WCQY300: 300T/h
WCQ400: 400T/h
WCQ500: 500T/h
WCQ600: 600T/h

1. The subgrade batch plant features a modular design, allowing for simple operation and convenient transportation. Advanced computer aided control is used to assist in fast, accurate measurement of granules, powder, and water. It has the functions of automatic compensation and alarming.

2. Each kind of raw material has a separate weighing system, which further improves the mixing accuracy and performance reliability.

3. The stabilized soil mixing plant comes with 2 motors and 2 gear reducers, which ensure stable, reliable operation. Reverse-blade mixing knife is used to enable an even mix.

4. Butterfly valves are pneumatically operated, which could open rapidly to discharge materials. This reduces material supply time and ensures more accurate weighing.

5. The whole batching system is connected to a computer aided control for easily summing up the production volume, searching for data information, and printing. The system would simulate the actual batching process, thus improving the gradation accuracy and overall power efficiency.

6. The computer of the mixing plant can store up important data, such as batching ratio and productivity. It also can be used to print the statistical report which provides data support for site management, coordination and monitoring.

7. Variable frequency control technology ensures the stability and reliability in speed adjustment.

Technical Specifications
Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant Model WCQ300 WCQ300A WCQY300 WCQ400 WCQ500 WCQ600
Production Rate (t/h) 300 300 300 400 500 600
Power (kw) 90 101.5 90 127 132 170
Maximum Diameter of Granular Material(mm) 50 50 50 50 50 50
Feeding Height (mm) 3300 3300 3980 3300 3300 3300
Discharge Height (mm) 3600 3600 3000 3600 3600 3600
Finished Material Hopper Capacity 9m3 9m3 1.9m3 9m3 9m3 9m3
Granular Material Hopper Capacity 3 x10 m3 3 x10 m3 4 x5 m3 4 x10 m3 4 x10 m3 4 x15 m3
Granular Material Weighing Accuracy (%) ±3 ±2 ±3 ±2 ±2 ±2
Powder Weighing Accuracy (%) ±2 ±1 ±2 ±1 ±1 ±1
Weighing Method Electronic Weighing Electronic Weighing Electronic Weighing Electronic Weighing Electronic Weighing Electronic Weighing
Weight (kg) 32000 33000 23000 35000 37000 41000
Dimension (mm) L 43000 43000 20700 45000 46000 48000
W 14000 14000 3000 14000 14000 14000
H 6200 6200 4770 6200 6200 6200
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