Cement Concrete Batcher

Cement Concrete Batcher

The Cement Concrete Batcher is a mainstay of concrete production line. It is capable of precisely measuring out the sands, gravels, and cement before combining them together in desired proportions.

JIANKE concrete batching system is made of the storage hopper, batcher supports, pneumatic discharge door or belt conveyor, load cells, weigh hopper, and outlet end belt conveyor.

As an important part that makes up a simple concrete batch, the concrete batching assembly is ideal for various industrial and domestic construction projects. It is also commonly seen on the medium-sized and small construction sites as well as in the precast concrete factory.

Depending on the model or the actual weighing capacity needed by users, our Cement Concrete Batcher is available with various volumes of storage hoppers.
PL800: 800L
PL1200: 1200L
PL1600: 1600L
PL2400: 2400L
PL3200: 3200L
PL4800: 4800L

1. Suspended by a number of load cells, the weigh hopper allows the precise amount of material to be poured into the batcher.
2. The electrical enclosure comes with a digital display that presents the real-time operating conditions of the batcher. Remote control allows operators to control the mixing process from a distance.
3. Cement Concrete Batcher components can be arranged in different styles to suit various construction site requirements.
4. Aggregates of various kinds can be weighed together on the conveyor belt or separately by different weighing devices. Both weighing methods assure you of highly accurate measurement.
5. Fast batching speed, outstanding control performance, and high reliability are the major benefits of the Cement Concrete Batcher.
6. Finished mixture can be taken away by a belt conveyor or discharged through a pneumatic door.
A. Discharge Conveyor Belt
A weigh hopper is used to measure the precise amount of material to be discharged. The discharge conveyor belt is often used with many small-scale batchers to ensure precise weighing and automatic fall compensation.
B. Pneumatic Discharge System
The pneumatic discharge system allows various kinds of materials to be weighed together as well as separately. Equipped with double discharge doors, the large batch hopper can do precision weighing to improve batching accuracy. All the pneumatic parts are housed in the pneumatic control box to facilitate repair and operation as well as extend the service life of each pneumatic part.
7. There are agitators installed on the side wall of the sand silo and weigh hopper to allow for faster weighing and discharging.

Technical Specifications
Model No. Weigh Hopper Capacity Storage Hopper CapacityPowerWeighing Accuracy Weighing MethodEquipment Weight
PL800800L2 x3000L7.4KW± 2%Electronic Measuring 2380kg
PL800- III800L3 x2500L5.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring 33000kg
PL12001200L2 x3000L7.4KW± 2%Electronic Measuring 4380kg
PL1200- III1200L3 x3000L5.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring 4040kg
PL1600- III A1600L2 x4000L8.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring 4500kg
PL1600- III B1600L3 x6000L8.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring 5460kg
PL1600- III C1600L3 x8000L8.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring6870kg
PL1600- III D1600L3 x12000L14KW± 2%Electronic Measuring9160kg
PL1600- III E1600L3 x18000L8.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring10500kg
PL2400- III B2400L3 x6000L10.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring5830kg
PL2400- III C2400L3 x8000L10.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring6240kg
PL2400- III D2400L3 x12000L14KW± 2%Electronic Measuring10500kg
PL2400- III E2400L3 x15000L10.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring11000kg
PL3200-IVA3200L4 x20000L16.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring15000kg
PL4800-IVA4800L4 x25000L16.5KW± 2%Electronic Measuring18000kg
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