Cement Bag Breaker, CBJ30C

Cement Bag Breaker, CBJ30C

The CBJ30C cement bag breaker is equipped with a bag belt conveyor, cutting knife set, screening system, feeding screw, hydraulic feeder, pneumatic conveying system, waste bag collector, dust removal system, and control system. Each of these components, with the exception of the belt conveyor can be installed on the main frame, making the machine compact, easy to install and easy to transport.

1. The bag belt conveyor is composed of the frame, electric drum, convex endless belt, roller, turnabout drum and tensioner.
2. The cutting knife on the machine consists of 2 sets of knife shafts. Each knife shaft is composed of a motor and a holder. The front shaft is equipped with 4 sets of knives, the rear shaft is equipped with 5 sets of knives.
3. Screening system: The screen mesh is made of steel wire, and the mesh accounts for more than 90% of the entire system. It uses a crankshaft drive, which pushes the cement bag forward. The cement bag breaker also uses a striking movement, so the screening system features a high efficiency, meeting all customer requirements.
4. The feed screw is comprised of the motor reducer, screw shaft and holder. It pushes cement separated from the screen to the discharge opening.
5. The hydraulic feeder consists of the hydraulic pump, oil tank, oil circle, hydraulic control valve, cylinder and housing. It uses a negative pressure suction method, and each of the three cylinders are controlled using PLC, making the suction uniform and allowing a high filling rate. There is no gap between the piston sealing ring and the cylinder block during the feeding process, giving the cylinder a longer service life. The feeding efficiency is not reduced due to time.
6. The pneumatic conveying system is composed of a Roots blower, accelerating chamber, hose, and pipeline. The Roots blower generates a stable gas during transport, which is the necessary air supply for continuous pneumatic conveying.
7. The waste bag collector consists of the motor reducer, housing and shaftless screw.
8. The dust removal system consists of a centrifugal fan dust removal bracket and filter bag. It will filter dust generated by cutting the cement bags and screening, reducing dust emissions.
9. The control system includes a high voltage control system and hydraulic control system. The large control cabinet is the high voltage control cabinet, and it controls all motors. All electrical components are from the brand Schneider.

How does it work?
The bagged cement is conveyed to the bag unpacking device, and cut using the rotary knife, before finally entering the main machine. The cement is then separated using a vibrating screen, and the cement bag is pushed to a discharge opening, where it will be collected by the bag collector. The cement, after being separated, will be pushed into a small spiral screw and pushed to the hydraulic feeder. It will then be conveyed to the accelerating chamber in a uniform manner using a hydraulic feeder. Finally, the cement is rendered into a gassy state, and conveyed to the storage bin using a pneumatic conveying system.

Advantageous Features
Our cement bag breaker has a free foundation, compact structure, easy operation, and high unpacking and transportation efficiency. The bag breaking machine is useful for unpacking and transporting a variety of 50Kg bagged cement. It can also be used as supporting equipment for concrete mixing plants and small storage silos.

Technical Parameters
Production Capacity 30t/h
Total Power 71kW
Total Weight 4800kg
Dimension 9700 x 1550 x 2830mm (working state)
Dimension 6800 x 2200 x 2190mm (conveying state)
Conveying Horizontal Distance 10m
Conveying Vertical Distance 25m
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