Cement Bag Breaker, SD1

The SDI cement bag breaker is divided into two parts: the unpacking bag conveyor and the self-climbing lift.
1. The unpacking bag conveyor consists of the hopper, rack, conveying system, control system and dust removal system.
a. The hopper is composed of the hopper body, knife rest, knife blade, and chute. The knife rest is welded using a steel plate into the shape of a cross, which is then equipped with a fixed cutting blade. The jumbo bag will be cut into a cross opening, and cement will fall from the bag.
b. The conveying system is composed of a Roots blower, accelerating chamber and hose.
The Roots blower is the air supply for the conveying system. It generates a stable gas through the rotation of the 3 blade impeller driven by a triangle belt. It features a large displacement, low noise, stable operation and long operation period.

The rotary valve is composed of the motor reducer, impeller and valve body. The cement will be sent into the acceleration chamber in an even manner, using the rotation of the impeller, which is driven by the motor reducer. The rotary valve will separate air from the acceleration chamber and the main body.

The acceleration chamber is used for accelerating the powder that has fallen through the rotary valve, and mix air and the powder thoroughly. The powder is then discharged together with the air after the powder has been gasified.

The pneumatic conveying hose is a pipeline connecting the accelerating chamber to the storage bin. It conveys powder to the channel in the storage bin from where it will be sent to the unpacking bag machine. The entire hose is a closed channel, so as to avoid dust, making it more environmentally friendly.
c. The electric control system is comprised of the control cabinet, electrical components and buttons. All electrical components are Schneider brand, making the control system that much more reliable and stable.
d. The dust removal system is comprised of the centrifugal fan, housing and filter element. The dust will be forced out via a rotating centrifugal fan. The filter separates the dust and air, and clean air is then discharged from the exhaust port. The filter can be cleaned periodically by opening the rear housing cover. The filter can be cleaned periodically by opening the rear housing cover.
2. The self-cleaning lift consists of a 2 ton electric hoist, track and bracket. The electric hoist is equipped with 6 meters of control wire, making it easy to operate.

How Does it Work?
The self-climbing lift will lift the bagged cement to the feeding opening, which is above the cutting knife, then deposit the jumbo bags. The bags are cut using the rotary knife, and the cement powder will fall below into the hopper. The rotary valve will convey the cement to the acceleration chamber. After it is gasified, it will be conveyed to the storage bin using a pneumatic conveying line.

Our cement bag breaker is suitable for unpacking bagged powder. It is a piece of specialized unpacking conveying equipment, which combines lifting jumbo bags, unpacking, and conveying all into one machine. It is applicable for the unpacking and transporting of a variety of bagged cement, mineral powder, grain, and other powder or similar granular material. It can also be used as supporting equipment to concrete mixing plants and small storage silos.

Technical Parameters
Production Capacity 30t/h
Total Power 45kW
Total Weight 3800kg
Dimension 4500x4000x5800mm (working state)
Cement Packaging 1000kg
Self-climbing Lift Load 2t
Conveying Horizontal Distance 10m
Conveying Vertical Distance 25m
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