Accessories for Concrete Batching Plant

  • Concrete Mixer JIANKE concrete mixer is the first of its kind that is machined by using the combination lathe to ensure concentricity. As a key component on the batch plant, our forced mixer uses double horizontal shafts to enable a thorough mix.
  • Cement Concrete BatcherThe Cement Concrete Batcher is a mainstay of concrete production line. It is capable of precisely measuring out the sands, gravels, and cement before combining them together in desired proportions.
  • Cement SiloJIANKE cement silo is likely to be found at concrete plants, where it is used for the storage and distribution of bulk cement. It is in effect a completely-sealed storage tank for use in the storage of any bulk materials, including the grains and fly ash, in addition to cement.
  • Spiral Conveyor for Concrete Plant Often used horizontally or at a slight incline, the conveyor is very effective with the tasks of conveying powdery, granulated and small lumpy materials including the coal, fly ash, slag, and cement.

A complete concrete plant should contain multiple sets of equipment. It is important that each set should provide a good fit for others so that the whole system can always operate in top form.

When you order from JIANKE, not only do you get various models of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant, but you also have access to a complete range of performance-proven components and services.

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