Gravel Washing Machine

Gravel Washing Machine

Washing gravel is a laborious task but yet necessary to ensure a cleaner gravel surface. A cleaner surface improves the binding force between gravel and cement, which in turn enhances the strength of finished concrete. JIANKE gravel washing machine is commonly seen on the construction sites as well as in the gravel plant, concrete pre-cast plant, and the hydroelectric plant. It comes in very handy in mud-removal and sand screening applications, and is also useful when it comes to minerals separation.

JIANKE gravel washer is made up of the storage hopper, belt conveyor, main washer, and the water circuit. It features a box-shaped frame, which not only ensures integrity but also leaves space for easy repair, maintenance, and inspection.

Next to the washing assembly are 3 sedimentation pools, where the washing water is recycled to protect environment and save water.

The integrated gravel washing machine can be easily installed in place as well as transported between construction sites. The only part that needs to be detached form the washer during transfer is the discharge belt conveyor. Simply remove the bolt and the steel rope from the washer bottom, take the belt conveyor off, and put it under the main washer frame.

Model Selection
XS80A: 60t/h
XS80B: 80t/h
XS150: 120t/h

Model XS80A gravel washing machine comes with a rotary drum for washing gravel. The screen of the rotary drum is made of steel plate with multiple holes punched in it. Inside the drum are mixing vanes. The whole equipment is highly wear-resistance and durable.

Model 80B uses a rotary drum that is essentially an iron cage designed for high washing efficiency. The iron cage features square holes, and is easy to replace. This gravel washing machine comes with a discharge belt conveyor.

The vibrating screen makes XS150 gravel washer a real eye-catcher. The screen is made of thick steel plate with punched holes. Great wear resistance and large washing area enables higher washing efficiency and cleaner gravels.

Technical Specifications
Model No.XS 80AXS80BXS150
Theoretical Productivity (t/h)6080150
Capacity (L)130010001800
Washing Efficiency (KW)Main Washer5.52.25.5
Water Pump1.51.53
Drum Rotating Speed (r/min)2525
Loading Height (m)
Belt Conveyor Power (kw)334
Discharge Height (m)1.81.82
Equipment Weight (Kg)375035005500
Dimensions (mm)L10150600018000
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