Sand Screening Machine

Sand Screening Machine

On any construction protects that require high-strength concrete, it is critical to keep the sands clean of foreign matters such as pebbles and other impurities by using a sand screen. This is to improve the affinity of sands for cement, which in turn improves the overall strength of the concrete.

Highway, railway, bridge, and water conservancy projects

The sand screening machine is comprised of the storage hopper, belt feeder, sand screen, rough aggregates belt discharger, and fine aggregates belt discharger.

Easy Installation of foundation
The whole equipment features a box-shaped frame. All that is needed to secure the equipment into place is a flat piece of ground. It is better if the ground is hardened to facilitate cleaning.

High Integrity
All parts of the sand screening machine are integrated into the box-shaped framework except the belt discharger. This design not only ensures the integrity of the equipment, but also leaves space for repair, maintenance, and inspection. It makes for operating convenience and safety.

Easy Disassembly for Transportation between Sites
High integrity allows the screening equipment to be easily stored or carried around. The only part that needs to be detached from the main machine is the belt conveyor. Simply loosen the anchor belt and remove the steel rope suspension at the bottom, and stuff the belt discharger into the main frame.

High Reliability
The core screening system operates similarly in principles to a mixer. Raw materials are tumbled and crushed by helical vanes inside the rotary drum. High friction between raw material particles also adds to the mixing intensity and reliability.

Horizontal Rotary Drum Screen
Material flow is rotated and screened within the rotary drum for more than 5 cycles. During this process, sands are tumbled repeatedly to ensure efficient separation and screening. Such screening manner effectively sorts particles into similar sizes. It avoids insufficient filtration, or messing particles of different sizes, which results from collision between large and small particles in an inclined rotary drum screen, or large particles carrying small particles to jump out of a vibrating screen.

Replaceable Screening
The rotary drum screen can be replaced by another one with different mesh sizes.

Model Selection
SA80: 30-40t/h
SA150: 120t/h

Model SA80 sand screening machine comes with an iron cage. It takes up small space, and does not require any foundation for installation. Simply put the equipment on a flat piece of ground is all you need to do.

Model SA150 sand screening machine is characterized by square meshes with round steel skeleton beneath, which is fixed firmly by flat steel and is also removable. Large amplitude vibration allows the machine to cope with overly thick sand layers, by throwing up sands, and separating coarse sands from fine ones.

Technical Specifications
Sand Screening Machine Model No. SA80 SA150
Theoretical Productivity (t/h) 30~40 120
Belt Feeder Power (kw) 3 3
Rotary Drum Screen Power (kw) 2.2 5.5
Belt Discharger 1 Power (kw) 4 4
Belt Discharger 2 Power (kw) 4 4
Input Linear Speed (m/s) 1.25 2
Rotating Speed of Rotary Drum Screen (r/min) 25 700
Equipment Weight (kg) 3500 5500
Dimensions (mm) L 6000 15000
W 1800 10000
H 2500 3000
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