Concrete Materials Machine

  • Gravel Washing Machine Washing gravel is a laborious task but yet necessary to ensure a cleaner gravel surface. A cleaner surface improves the binding force between gravel and cement, which in turn enhances the strength of finished concrete.
  • Sand Washing MachineThis sand cleaning system is quite effective with tasks of removing rock dust and foreign matters from sands. It improves sand quality, which in turn would enhance the strength of concrete.
  • Sand Screening MachineOn any construction protects that require high-strength concrete, it is critical to keep the sands clean of foreign matters such as pebbles and other impurities by using a sand screen.

It is important to remove rock powders, pebbles, and other impurities from sands as far as precise concrete mix ratio is concerned. Equally as important is to clear the surface grease from the gravel. For customers who have a need to wash their sands and gravels in concrete production industry or on construction sites, JIANKE Concrete Materials Machines, including gravel washers, sand washers, or sand screens, might be your best bet.

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