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Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

It is interesting to see how a truck-mounted boom pump is assembled. In the first place, the pump is mounted on a truck chassis. Then, a telescopic or articulated placing boom is added to complete the assembly.

A truck-mounted concrete pump relies on pressure to continuously pump the concrete through pipelines to construction sites. It is commonly seen on larges-scale construction projects and in commercial concrete company. Fast transportation between different construction sites and high pumping efficiency are two major benefits of our truck-mounted pump for its end users.

1. The diesel power pack delivers a constant power output, and works ideally with the engine for maximum pumping performance. Stepless speed control allows the pump to vary its pumping speed, which in turn changes the amount of concrete to be pumped per unit time.
2. Power packs, valves, and other hydraulic system parts are of German Rexroth brands. They are properly arranged within the pumping system to give high stability, and convenient operation and maintenance.
3. The arm support, hydraulic and electrical control system parts are purchased from well-known international brands to ensure reliable pumping performance and high pumping efficiency.
4. The main power system of our concrete pump utilizes a high-quality diesel engine for stable, reliable performance and excellent fuel economy.
5. The large-diameter delivery cylinder features a large displacement, absorbing large volumes of concrete. It has the functions of forward and reverse pumping as well as inching.
6. Equipped with the S-valve, spectacle wear plate (made of hardened alloy), wear ring, and the rubber spring, the concrete pump has the functions of automatic compensation for the shaft end clearance, thus ensuring the sealing performance.
7. The mixer vane of our concrete pump can both go in forward and reverse. This combined motion solves the problem of aggregates jamming the vane which would have caused the vane to get stuck.
8. Large air-cooled radiator ensures the normal function of hydraulic system. It is especially suitable for water-scarcity situation and high-altitude cold weather conditions.
9. Smart, integrated control system coupled with friendly human-machine interface
10. Main electrical elements are of Schneider and Omron brands. The text display, combined with the PLC, presents operational parameters to the user. Multiple automatic protections ensure more reliable operation.

Technical Specifications
Model No.HBC37HBC46
(High Pressure/Low Pressure) m3/h100120
Concrete Pumping Pressure (High Pressure/Low Pressure) MPa13/8.713/8
Number of Strokes per Minute (High Pressure/Low Pressure) strokes/min18/2713/21
Maximum Aggregate Diameter mm4040
Feed Height mm14501540
Concrete Slump Range mm12-2312-23
Placing Boom Vertical Reach m3746
Depth of Reach m2531.37
Maximum Placing Radius m32.641.8
Boom Slewing Angle370 º370
1st Section Opening Angle 94 º90
2nd Section Opening Angle180 º180
3rd Section Opening Angle180 º180
4th Section Opening Angle 230 º250
5th Section Opening Angle 250
Others Valve TypeS-ValveS-Valve
Lubrication Method Automatic LubricationAutomatic Lubrication
Control MethodManual/Remote ControlManual/Remote Control
Pressure Shift Method Automatic
Water Tank Capacity L600600
Maximum Pressure of Water Pump MPa22
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