Placing Boom

Placing Boom

Names for this Placing Boom may vary. But they mean the same thing, which is a long pipe fastened onto a tower-mounted boom. JIANKE provides customers with both manually and hydraulically operated concrete placing booms.

Model JHB manual boom pump is used for home construction projects that require small horizontal reach. No counterweight is needs, so it offers a lighter weight on the tower. Lightweight design also makes the placing boom easier to move between construction sites. The tower can rise as the house is built from ground up. It also can sit atop the building.

Model HGY hydraulic boom pump is mainly comprised of the tower, outrigger legs, slewing bearing, counterweight, rotary placing arm, and the pipeline. Large horizontal reach allows the placing boom to be used on construction sites that would have required a lot of time and labor, such as at the railway, bridge, and dam construction sites.

Model Selection
JHB10: 10m (maximum horizontal reach)
JHB12: 12m (maximum horizontal reach)
JHB15: 15m (maximum horizontal reach)
HGY15: 15m (maximum horizontal reach)
HGY18: 18m (maximum horizontal reach)
HGY20: 20m (maximum horizontal reach)

The tower-mounted boom pump comes with a standard pipeline (pump hose) that is connected to concrete pump at ground level. It is able to access difficult pouring areas and work around obstacles. The classic example of its application is in placing concrete into wall forms.

Reasonable design, stable structure and flexible movement are the major benefits of the boom concrete pump for its end users. 360º slewing allows the boom to pour in any directions. Other advantages include adjustable horizontal reach, proper tower height, labor-saving operation, and free direction-change upon slightly pulling the rope.

Technical Specifications
Model No. JHB10JHB12JHB15HGY15HGY18
Maximum Horizontal Reach (m)1012151518
Tower Height (m)
Slewing Angle 360 °360 °360 °400 °400 °
Pump Hose Diameter (mm)150(125)150(125)150(125)150(125)150(125)
Overall Weight (kg)16501850250070009000
Counterweight (kg)10001200170030005000
Operating Manner Manual ManualManual HydraulicHydraulic
Slewing Speed (r/min) 0.1-0.80.1-0.8
Tower Elevating Speed (r/min) 0.650.65
Elevation Height (m) ﹤3.6﹤3.6
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