Spiral Conveyor for Concrete Plant

Spiral Conveyor for Concrete Plant

The Spiral Conveyor for Concrete Plant is a kind of construction conveyor that offers a very economical method of materials elevating and conveying.

Main drive, spiral blade, shaft, feed end, discharge end, central support, and oil pipeline.

Plenty of applications exist for our Spiral Conveyor for Concrete Plant, or screw conveyor. They are commonly seen in the building material, chemical, electricity, metallurgy, and coal industries. Often used horizontally or at a slight incline, the conveyor is very effective with the tasks of conveying powdery, granulated and small lumpy materials including the coal, fly ash, slag, and cement. Typical material temperature should be less than 200℃. In a concrete batch plant, the function of screw conveyor has been put to maximum use.

1. High-speed, variable-pitch blades ensure a smooth, rapid, and uniformly-distributed feed.
2. Simple Spiral Conveyor for Concrete Plant structure features a small cross-section and excellent seals. It ensures a low production cost and reliable performance.
3. Materials are loaded and dumped from the middle of the conveyor pipe. They can be conveyed in forward or reverse direction, or towards both directions at the same time. During conveying, the materials can be tumbled, mixed, heated and cooled.
4. The conveyor casing is made of sections of high-quality seamless steel tubes connected together via flanges. Such a structure exhibits good overall rigidity.
5. Continuous screw blades are made of thickened 16Mn plates. Good lubrication and seal ensure reliable performance and prevent leakage, which effectively extends the use life of the equipment.
6. The feed end adopts the universal joint which allows flexible adjustment of pointing angle.

Model Selection
The 3 digits contained in the model number indicate the outside diameter of the Spiral Conveyor for Concrete Plant tube. Model selection should be based on the maximum productivity of the batching plant and amount of powder fed into the plant.

Technical Specifications
The Output value listed in the second column of the table is obtained when the conveyor is conveying cement at an inclination angle less than 35º.

Outside DiameterΦ168Φ219Φ273Φ325
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