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Waste Solidification Equipment

Waste Solidification Equipment

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our GH 1000, GH 1500 and GH2000 waste solidification equipment is composed of cement and fly ash silo and measurement device, water measurement, stabilizing additives storage and measurement, mixing system and other components.

1. The waste solidification equipment features automatic continuous production. The final product is stabilized to form a denser polymer, while adhesion occurs between the fly ash particles. Those particles will not leach even pH value decreases to 5.
2. Our product can also greatly reduce the activity of heavy metals in the fly ash. The final product meets the garbage pollution control standards and has long-term stability in landfill, They can be buried in general sanitary landfill.

It is used to safely solidify the fly ash produced by garbage incineration.

As an experienced waste solidification equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, JIANKE Company provides a wide range of products that includes concrete mixer truck, continuous mixing soil stabilization equipment, ready mix Stationary Concrete Batching Plant and more.

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