Cement Silo

Cement Silo

JIANKE cement silo is likely to be found at concrete plants, where it is used for the storage and distribution of bulk cement. It is in effect a completely-sealed storage tank for use in the storage of any bulk materials, including the grains and fly ash, in addition to cement. Via its material level sensor, operators would know the height that stored materials have reached. With the aid of a lump breaker, cement silo cleaners can remove the hard concrete lumps formed within the tank.

This simple storage device works best when it is used with JIANKE Spiral Conveyor for Concrete Plant which would distribute the material to every needed location. It only takes little time to set up. High storage safety and reliability makes the silo ideal for use at various batch plants.

JIANKE cement silo is comprised of the silo body, supporting legs, dust collector, discharge gate, material level sensor, and the lump breaker.

1. Thickened steel plates are used to construct the main silo body. There are joints made of steel channels at every seam, which not only protects the weld seam but also enhance the strength of the silo.
2. In a batch tower, the cement silo usually sits atop the batcher and is supported by a frame structure. It is critical to ensure the structure is reasonably designed and rigid enough to meet the need for cement production. JIANKE cement storage silo is built to the GB50017 standards of Code for Design of Steel Structures. Limit-state and partial safety factor methods are used to optimize the design of the silo as well as prevent any potential accidents during use.
3. Detachable silo is easily dismantled. Operators can put those silo parts into a container for export or long-distance transportation while they take little space in the container.

Model Selection
Cement storage silo users should decide the number and capacity of silos needed, depending on the actual productivity or how long is it from the cement plant.

Technical Specifications
Model No.SNCP100SNCP150SNCP200SNCP300
Silo Diameter 3160mm3600mm4500mm5000mm
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