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  • Asphalt Mixing Plant
  • Eco-Friendly Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant, AHB Series Environmental protection, saving energy, reuse of resource.
    Control the dust emissions: 20mg/Nm
    Control noise: The noise in the control cabin is less than 60dB.
    The noise around mixing station is less than 75dB.
  • Asphalt Concrete Mixing Plant, A Series The asphalt concrete mixing machine uses a combination of modular design, easy to transport and relocation, providing direct discharge of finished material, finished material storage under the machine, paralleling to the rail car finished material storage and other three models for customers to choose.
  • Regenerated Asphalt Mixing Plant, R Series We are absorb fully from Europe asphalt machinery technology and combined with experience for decades, we are development R Series devices which is not only reliable and stable, but also supporting flexible manner, and available on the market for being used in each type asphalt mixing station and supporting the use of combination for 1000 -5000 type, the asphalt proportion...
  • QLB-Y series mobile type asphalt mixing plant

    The whole equipment assembled on a semi trailer, compact structure, only 7 units, easy transition。
    5-7 days after the device can be put into production, 2 days can be completely evacuated from the scene。

  • Stationary Concrete Batching Plant
  • Hopper Lift Concrete Batching PlantThe Hopper Lift Concrete Batching Plant is equipped with a mixing system, aggregate batching system, aggregate lifting system, measurement system, water supply system, admixture supply system, gas control system, control room and electronic control system, powder storing system and a powder feeding system.
  • Belt Conveyor Concrete Batching PlantThe Belt Conveyor Concrete Batching Plant uses an inclined belt conveyor for lifting aggregates on the ground after they are measured out, and then places them into the bucket for holding. After the previous tank full has been discharged from the mixer, the aggregates in the bucket are placed in the mixer and mixed with other materials. This mixer is known for its cost saving efficiency.
  • Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
  • Mobile Concrete Batching PlantIt makes sense to buy a Mobile Concrete Batching Plant as the movable model is easy to disassemble and tow by a semi-trailer to transfer between construction sites.
    The mobile batch plant ties together multiple units in one place, carrying on the tasks of aggregates gathering, accurate weighing ...
  • Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant
  • Stabilized Soil Mixing PlantJIANKE stabilized soil mixing plant is made up of a complete range of equipment used for continuously mixing many kinds of subgrade materials in different proportions.
  • Accessories for Concrete Batching Plant
  • Concrete Mixer JIANKE concrete mixer is the first of its kind that is machined by using the combination lathe to ensure concentricity. As a key component on the batch plant, our forced mixer uses double horizontal shafts to enable a thorough mix.
  • Cement Concrete BatcherThe Cement Concrete Batcher is a mainstay of concrete production line. It is capable of precisely measuring out the sands, gravels, and cement before combining them together in desired proportions.
  • Cement SiloJIANKE cement silo is likely to be found at concrete plants, where it is used for the storage and distribution of bulk cement. It is in effect a completely-sealed storage tank for use in the storage of any bulk materials, including the grains and fly ash, in addition to cement.
  • Spiral Conveyor for Concrete Plant Often used horizontally or at a slight incline, the conveyor is very effective with the tasks of conveying powdery, granulated and small lumpy materials including the coal, fly ash, slag, and cement.
  • Concrete Materials Machine
  • Gravel Washing Machine Washing gravel is a laborious task but yet necessary to ensure a cleaner gravel surface. A cleaner surface improves the binding force between gravel and cement, which in turn enhances the strength of finished concrete.
  • Sand Washing MachineThis sand cleaning system is quite effective with tasks of removing rock dust and foreign matters from sands. It improves sand quality, which in turn would enhance the strength of concrete.
  • Sand Screening MachineOn any construction protects that require high-strength concrete, it is critical to keep the sands clean of foreign matters such as pebbles and other impurities by using a sand screen.
  • Auxiliary Concrete Machine
  • Placing Boom Names for this Placing Boom may vary. But they mean the same thing, which is a long pipe fastened onto a tower-mounted boom. JIANKE provides customers with both manually and hydraulically operated concrete placing booms.
  • Cement Bag BreakerBulk cement is not always available in some areas. Construction sites sometimes get more used to bagged cement. In those situations, to open cement bags manually may become the most hated chores.
  • Horizontal Concrete Feeder The WG8 horizontal concrete feeder is a pneumatic conveying system. It uses a fluidized pressure feeding technology, a unique fluidized bed design, and features a high unloading efficiency. It is suitable for conveying cement, fly ash and other non-sticky and granular materials.