As contracted, JIANKE shall send technicians to customer's sites shortly after the ordered equipment arrives there. Our technicians will guide customers through installation and commissioning as well as provide training for equipment operators.

If customers are able to install the equipment on their own, JIANKE can provide Technical & User Manuals along with the equipment. Based on these documents, capable customers can independently conduct the assembly, installation and trial run processes. For any problems met during those processes, please feel free to contact us.

Attached Documents
1. Product Qualification (1pc)
2. Batch Plant User Guide (2pcs)
3. Mixer User Guide (1pc)
4. Batch Plant Components Brochure (2pcs)
5. Foundation Layout Drawing (2pcs)

Throughout the equipment lifecycle, JIANKE is committed to providing spare parts and equipment repair services. Within the quality warranty period, JIANKE will fix or replace at no charge any damaged parts of the product that proves defective in materials, manufacturing or workmanship. In that case, customers should use a digital camera to take photos of the specific damages and send them to us at Then accordingly, we will send new placement pats to customers in the shortest possible time. JIANKE, however, is not responsible for any parts damages caused by improper use or operations.

Beyond the quality warranty period, customers can always get replacement parts from us at the lowest possible price. In countries or regions where JIANKE has employed dealers or after-sales service men, these staff members will pay visits to customer sites once in a while to ensure buyers are happy with their purchase. Each and every product made by JIANKE can be customized to suit customer specific technical requirements.

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